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As a Butler Hall of Fame basketball player, I always had the competitive spirit and the drive to be not just a winner, but a player that could inspire and lead my teammates to success. During my time at Butler, I was challenged - like so many college students - to figure out what I wanted to "be when I grow up" outside of a basketball player. Through my career exploration, I ended up pursuing a degree in Business and learned a tremendous amount about who I was and what made me tick. It certainly wasn't the accounting side of business. I was so passionate and intrigued by the human element of growing and maximizing a business. I wanted to help people, just like my teammates, become incredible at what they do because they know their strengths, elevate those strengths, and surround themselves with mentors and leaders to motivate them to excel - which ultimately is why a business as a whole becomes successful!

I was so intrigued by people, and saw how so many people struggled with making life choices, even early on, because they had little focus or understanding of who they really are, what makes them tick, and what choices are in line with their strengths and needs in order to live life to the fullest. I pursued a Masters Degree in School Counseling knowing that I could help the younger generation see their individual strengths, know how those strengths should be considered when making college and career choices, and counsel them on how to use those strengths to live the life they wanted.

After many years of providing coaching and training, I launched Barb Skinner Consulting. I continued to see how successful people became through the power of strengths-based development, team building, conflict management and resolution and strong communication skills. My passion for people and my experience in business and career development ignited my desire to expand my reach and provide consulting and development to organizations, schools, government departments and healthcare providers and nonprofits.

As a certified facilitator of the Appreciation at Work training process, I bring a unique program to your teams that address the human need for appreciation within the workplace. As individuals, we share unique needs, but most organizations approach recognition as one-size fits all. This approach actually restricts the true capacity of what employees have to give. I provide the necessary tools that can take each person and your organization to a new level of achievement and success. When teams and individuals recognize and feel their tremendous value, anything is possible.

Barb has been very helpful to us both personally and professionally. I have asked for her help with family members and business friends, both of whom have found her expertise very useful. Barb's manner and resourcefulness are key to being successful in navigating career choice decisions. We appreciate her guidance and insight. I would recommend Barb first to anyone I know needing this type of assistance.

Steve H.

I am so glad we went to Barb Skinner for career advice for Adam. She spent time talking with him, listening to him, having him take some written profile tests, then she went over everything with Adam, my husband, and I. We gained a lot of insight into his likes, dislikes, and strengths. The notebook that Ms. Skinner put together for Adam was very helpful. We used it to look at the best career options for Adam and we utilized the resources included in it to gather other valuable information.

Robin B.

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your career planning services and tell you how much my daughter and I truly enjoyed the experience. Admittedly I had some initial reservations about career planning services. When I was in high school they had given us some "career planning" tests. They told me I should be a forest ranger. To be honest, I did not expect a lot from the updated version. Since my daughter had no real idea of what career she might like to pursue I decided that if this saved us even one college class we would be money ahead."

Cynthia J.

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